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Amarylli specialises in the beautiful and inspiring repertoire for lute and voice from the 16th and 17th centuries, exploring the emotions of the human soul through this rare and beautiful art form.

"We do indeed perceive the reflection of divine beauty with our eyes and mark the resonance of divine harmony with our ears." Marsilio Ficino, 1457

Our performances celebrate the artistic skills of the Renaissance composers and poets, and their ability to communicate a message which is as relevant today as when it was first heard 400 years ago.

Our Programmes

Amarylli's programmes interweave poetry and song to explore the beauty of our own emotions. We take great care in historical interpretation and immerse ourselves in primary sources, from handwritten manuscripts of 1590, to the famous broadsheet ballads leading up to 1720.

These beautiful songs and verses of the past are reconstructed, interpreted and performed to express the complexity of the human condition. Lutes, theorbos, guitars, citterns and even bandoras are the instruments used to accompany the purity of the voice. Poetry elides into song and song into poetry allowing the past to speak directly to us in the present. 


Amarylli also gives pre-concert talks and lectures, providing an insight into how the programmes are researched and the thought process behind the construction of our verse and songs. Come and see the lutes and the original manuscripts and learn about the role of musicians in the 16th and 17th centuries.  

Please do get in touch with us if you want to find out more about our programmes, concerts, talks and lectures, or anything else.

Experience Amarylli

"The soul receives the echoes of that incomparable music." Marsilio Ficino, 1457

Our programmes aim to rekindle the deep and silent memory of harmony through words and music. Our intimate performances draw audiences into our world of beauty in music. We express joy, love, anger and grief. Amarylli opens up the human soul. 

Open Rehearsals

Amarylli holds regular open rehearsals at Great Malvern Priory, where you can experience a taste of our programmes and performances as we create them. Join our mailing list to be kept informed of the latest dates and times, as well as to stay up to date with our concerts and other engagements.